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Who is Solomon in the Bible

The Old Testament describes who is Solomon in the Bible, King Solomon, as great wisdom, wealth, and power. Jesus spoke about him within the Gospels.

A recent article in Biblical Archaeology Review that who is Solomon in the Bible and suggested that a first century AD painting is depicting his wise judgment has been found within the ruins of Pompeii.

The fame of King Solomon has also made its way into popular literature. For example, British writer Sir Henry Haggard (1856-1925) published a fictitious novel who is Solomon in the Bible describing the adventures of Allan Quatermain, who eventually finds the mines in South Africa. The book supports several popular films.

However, some archaeologists referred to as minimalists have doubted the veracity of the Old Testament’s description of who is Solomon in the Bible.

Israel Finkelstein of Tel Aviv University has suggested that the archaeological evidence doesn’t support who is Solomon in the Bible.

A new carbon dating of an old copper smeltery challenges Finkelstein’s claim. Recently, l. a. Times reported on a spectacular find that throws more light on the difficulty.

In a paper published within the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Thomas E. Levy of the University of California, San Diego, who has directed the excavations in Jordan who is Solomon in the Bible, says a substantial copper smelting plant found within the biblical land of Edom is a minimum of 300 years older than previously thought.

The Bible chroniclers attempt to portray Solomon both ways, who is Solomon in the Bible. Consistent with the Bible, Solomon was both wise and foolish. He’s also described as both an admirable figure and one utterly lacking in honour and integrity.

who is Solomon in the Bible

One of the first signs of this dual approach occurs early within the Biblical account of Solomon’s reign. Within the Old Testament Book of Kings, who is Solomon in the Bible, the historian notes that Solomon had scarcely ascended to the throne when his mother, Bathsheba, came to go to him.

She features a request, And what does Solomon do? He not only rejects his mother’s request but does the precise opposite! She asks that Solomon’s brother be permitted to marry a particular handmaiden.

But Solomon has eyes on the girl himself. So he orders that his brother be immediately put to death!

Soon afterwards, the Bible rhapsodizes that “the wisdom of Solomon abounded exceedingly. 

Solomon’s wisdom went way beyond the knowledge of all the traditional prophets and philosophers, and even beyond the collected understanding of all the wise men who ever lived in Egypt!”

There’s an old, old story about two women who were disputing the parentage of a baby. This tale was a minimum of thousand years past before the Biblical historian got hold of it.

And it is, of course, entirely possible that Solomon knew this tale and applied it to a real circumstance. But in any case, who is Solomon in the Bible, the insertion of the story at now [3 Kings 3:16-28] does nothing to prove that Solomon was wise. All it shows is that Solomon was an astute opportunist who had an honest memory.

The rest of the lengthy Biblical account of Solomon’s reign is usually haunted with totally extraneous bragging about how wealthy Solomon was, and the way many wives he had, and the way he ordered the development of God’s Temple and his Palace and filled both with the foremost luxurious of appointments.

The only hint of wisdom is provided during a brief account of how Solomon pulled a quick one on King Hiram of Tyre by selling him “twenty towns in Galilee” for “one hundred and twenty stars of gold.” The “boroughs” were a set of worthless hovels. Hiram was so unhappy that he changed the name of the towns to Sterile!

Towards the top of the Biblical account who is Solomon in the Bible, the chronicler’s grovelling attitude towards Solomon undergoes an abrupt change. 

Suddenly Solomon is not any longer God’s favoured one, but His enemy for “Solomon did that which is evil within sight of the Lord.” 

And what was this evil? The very fact that he didn’t follow within the hideously bloodthirsty footsteps of his father, King David.

So rather than being defined as unreservedly wise and right, the Bible also depicts who is Solomon in the Bible, Solomon as a stupid, stubborn, evil, opportunistic, self-indulgent, hedonistic tyrant.

mother of king Solomon in the Bible

Bathsheba in the Bible spelt Bethsabee, within the Hebrew Bible (2 Samuel 11, 12; I Kings 1, 2), wife of Uriah the Hittite; she later became one among the wives of King David and therefore the mother of King Solomon.

Bathsheba in the Bible, was a daughter of Eliam moreover was apparently of distinguished birth. A gorgeous woman, she became pregnant after David saw her bathing on a rooftop and had her delivered to him.

who is Solomon in the Bible

David later located that Uriah is transferred to the front-line of a contest, where he was killed. David united the widowed Bathsheba, but their initial child died as a penalty from God for David’s adultery and killing of Uriah.

David repented of his sins, and Bathsheba later gave birth to Solomon. When King David was dying, Bathsheba successfully conspired with the prophet Nathan to dam Adonijah’s succession to the throne and to win it for Solomon. She occupied an influential position because of the queen dowager.

who was the wisest man in the Bible

In King Solomon’s life, we saw an intelligent decision taken when two women brought before him, a case of a dead and a living child.

Under a loud and quarrelling atmosphere, both women claimed the living child belongs to any of them. 

Solomon, not recognized by the critical fact, is that the legitimate owner was careful with his determination.

You see, to draw in God’s wisdom, you would like to be sober and reflective when decisive problems with this nature confront you.

It would help if you were slow to react who is Solomon in the Bible. I’m very sure that Solomon was inspired by divine wisdom amid the chaotic atmosphere, which was very quick because things demand an urgent response.

Therefore, his decision to divide both babies (dead and living) into two so each of them can have a neighbourhood each of life, and a dead child was an intelligent decision to urge the birth mother of the living child.

Then one among the ladies said: “No, your highness, please don’t, give the living baby to my rival,” whereas the opposition supported the thought of dividing the living baby.

Solomon immediately realized how wicked and cruel the latter was and instantly knew that wasn’t her child because a loving and caring mother will never need a knife to touch her baby.

And will want her child to measure instead of dying so albeit she wished to the kid, she opted it’s given to the rival.

who is Solomon in the Bible

The other consideration is, there is no wisdom in dividing a living child because the kid will find yourself dying; therefore, the wicked woman could have known that.

It was not an intelligent decision in the first place. Solomon knew this outcome. However, God used his foolish idea to confound the wise.

In other words, the foolish idea was wise thereon occasion. Solomon knew then that the kid belongs to the kind-heart woman and ordered it’s given to her.

God remains within the business of inspiring his people with intelligent decisions today if we avail ourselves. 

We want to tune our spirit to listen to when God speaks, which comes with steady growth and maturity.

I have learned with time to gauge situations rightly without giving it a reconsideration if the choice taken is correct. It comes by instinct and fulfilment in heart and spirit.

It comes with experience in life who is Solomon in the Bible. To verify this fact; If you’ve got taken close watch, one among the people that offer general life advice without a fumbling result’s the old age, whether Christian or not, has happened by their experience in life.

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