Inspiring Story of Joseph In The Bible That You Should Know

Story of Joseph in the Bible

The most famous example of dream interpretations is perhaps the story of Joseph in the Bible of Genesis. Joseph was the youngest son of Jacob who had eleven more sons. Jacob, who is renamed by God as Israel, loved Joseph quite all his children. He made Joseph a coat of many colours. But this provoked the jealousy of his fellow brothers.

One night, Joseph had a dream. He saw that he and his brothers were working within the field binding sheaves. And Joseph’s sheaf in the story of Joseph in the Bible arose and stood while his brothers’ sheaves also stood round about and bowed to Joseph’s sheaf. 

Being an immature child and maybe a touch bit arrogant, he told his brothers about this dream. And his brothers can immediately understand the meaning of the idea, which is that Joseph goes to reign over them. The result’s obvious. The eleven brothers hated Joseph even more.

Joseph the dreamer story of Joseph in the Bible

In another night, Joseph had another dream again. This point he saw the sun, the moon and eleven stars bowed to him. Without stopped by the fear of further provocation, he told the dream to his father and brothers. 

They were all angry because they will all understand the implications of the dream, which is Israel, his wife and sons, are bowing to Joseph in the story of Joseph in the Bible

Story of Joseph in the Bible

All the brothers are crammed with envy. But Israel pondered about the dreams because he knew, feel that the ideas have some significance.

Prophetic interpretation of dreams may be a biblical concept.story of Joseph in the Bible Various places within the Bible mention something about dream interpretation.

If you would like to find out the way to understand the messages from God hidden in your dreams correctly, it knows to start from the Bible, word of the Lord.

The dreams and therefore, the attitude of little Joseph irritated his brothers. The terrible sinful hearts of the eleven brothers were even brooding about killing this tiny brother together.

In this story of Joseph in the Bible, we could learn some important spiritual principles. First, we will see who vicious is that the sin of envy, which may even motivate brothers to slay one another. 

Joseph in Egypt in the story of Joseph

Second, in the story of Joseph in the Bible, we all know that within the end, the interpretations of the 2 Joseph’s dreams were correct. They really would bow to their brother Joseph in Egypt. we will see that the ideas of Joseph are foretelling the longer term.

However, I feel it’s not wise for Joseph to inform people about these two dreams. I think that he can clearly understand the meanings of the two dreams because he has the spiritual gift of interpreting dreams plus the two are easy to know, even his brothers can immediately recognize. 

He also knows that his brothers are jealous of him since they didn’t speak peaceably to him usually. Joseph knew that telling the dreams would provoke his brothers in the story of Joseph, but he did it anyway. The sole reason is that he did it in pride, which didn’t produce to an accurate result.

This Bible exercise regarding the story of Joseph, including his jealous brothers is expected for primary learners who read, write and make original sentences with little adult supervision. 

This lesson plan takes about 45 minutes to finish the story of joseph for kids and requires a minimal amount of pre-class preparation and cheap Sunday school materials and supplies.

The story of Joseph in Genesis, episode thirty-seven. When Joseph was about seventeen, his father Jacob made him a gorgeous richly ornamented robe. When his brothers observed this, they acted jealously and “could not declaim a sort word to him” (Gen. 37:4). 

History of Joseph in the Bible

Then Joseph had a vision during which he observed himself and his brother’s binding sheaves of grain when suddenly his sheaf rose and stood up, while his brother’s sheaves gathered around his and loaded down to that (Gen. 37:5-8). 

Jacob, Abraham’s grandson, had quite an exciting life. Example of his most successful ventures was when he “fought with God”. He put up entirely fight and wouldn’t let his opponent go until he received a blessing (Gen. 32:22-30). 

Jacob had twelve sons. His eleventh son, Joseph, was the primary from his wife, Rachel. Rachel was Jacob’s wife as he went fourteen ages to enhance her husband. Joseph, accordingly, had a specific position in Jacob’s heart in the story of Joseph in the Bible.

In his succeeding years, Jacob plus his seventy immediate descendants, not adding his son’s spouses, left their residence town toward Egypt (Gen 46). Ages later, all exited Egypt as a state of probably three million. The massive amount that Joseph had to try to to with the formation of the nation Israel has gone largely overlooked.

Reuben’s plan, though in need of killing Joseph was terrible enough. The brothers displaced him of his dress and threw him into the pond; probably to weaken to death—that experience some Midianite merchants passed by in the story of Joseph in the Bible.

Joseph’s brother Judah had the bright idea to sell him willingly than let him die in the story of Joseph in the Bible. So his brothers picked him up, and he was traded for twenty pieces of silver, a low price for a seventeen-year-old boy at the time. Joseph’s life was spared.

When these Midianites arrived in Egypt, they rotated and sold him to Potiphar, one among Pharaoh’s officials, the captain of the guard. The Lord continued with Joseph, and he benefited considerably. 

Potiphar, who was likely a wealthy individual, saw that Joseph was being blessed which all his activities were prosperous. Potiphar presented Joseph his companion and consigned to Joseph’s attention everything that he enjoyed.

One day Potiphar’s wife, infatuated with Joseph, attempted to entice him into an adulterous affair together with her (Gen. 39:7). This bold action traumatized Joseph in the story of Joseph in the Bible

story of joseph

Holding sincere opinions of integrity, honour and preparing what moved right; he rejected. She didn’t hand over though and continued to pressure him. As Joseph broke loose of her grasp and fled, she managed to take care of hold of his cloak. 

This was enough for her to shout out a fictitious and trumped-up charge of attempted rape. Potiphar was angry while he learned the literature, and he had Joseph settled in jail (Gen. 39:8-10). 

Once you understand it though in the story of Joseph in the Bible, this appears to be a light punishment for such a criminal offence against a high ranking Egyptian officials’ spouse. Either Potiphar trusted Joseph quite his wife, or we’ve another example of God’s intervention.

While in prison, Joseph once more showed the sunshine of the Lord. With the assistance of God, he interpreted dreams and was put responsible of all those in prison.

The first thing in the story of Joseph in the Bible, Joseph told Pharaoh to try to do was to place an adviser responsible for the land and to require one-fifth of the season of Egypt through the seven great years. 

This person was to ascertain that this one-fifth of the produce was stored in reserve for the bad years. The grain was to be stored within the cities for food. 

You’ll wonder why one fifth rather than one-seventh. As we’ll see later, Joseph used this extra amount to feed other countries also. The undertaking seemed excellent to Pharaoh, and he appointed Joseph to be responsible for this massive and audacious venture. Pharaoh knew a realistic plan when he heard it!

Think of Joseph’s position now. He had been given tremendous authority within the land of Egypt, second in command to the person who was viewed as “god” on earth. Pharaoh declared that “only concerning the authority will I be more famous than you” (Gen 41:40) and “I at this moment put you responsible of the entire land of Egypt” (verse 41). 

He put his seal ring on Joseph’s finger, dressed him in robes of fine linen (a reminder of his coat of the many colours?), put a gold chain around his neck and had him ride during a chariot as his second-in-command (verses 42-43). Joseph, who was only thirty years old at the time, could have easily obtained an enormous case of an over-inflated ego, but that doesn’t seem to be what happened.

As God had prophesied by Pharaoh’s nightmare, the seven ages of everything occurred and withdrew, accompanied by seven years of starvation. 

There was a deficiency of grain collectively the lands, but due to the foresight Joseph had received from God, there was food stored in Egypt. 

When the Egyptians began to feel the agony of hunger, they cried bent Pharaoh, who directed them to Joseph in the story of Joseph in the Bible

Joseph started the warehouses and traded directly to the Egyptians. Many countries came to Egypt to shop for food.

When we continue with the story of the Israelites after Joseph’s death in Exodus 1:8, we discover a completely different scenario. There have been approximately two hundred years between the time the famine ended, and therefore the Exodus and a replacement king “who didn’t realize Joseph” (Exod. 1:8) came to power. 

This latest king put captive masters above the Israelites to suppress them, including limited labour. We recognize no record of Joseph preparing this. 

This Pharaoh responded to his people “the Israelites grew everywhere too diverse for us. The Hebrew people were forced to figure hard. 

Story of Joseph in the Bible Summary

The Interpreters Bible Commentary explains the phrase “deal shrewdly” saying that “deal shrewdly” indicates cunning instead of wisdom and visualizes exploitation of the Hebrews which might break their spirit and reduce their numbers through hardship. 

There is often no doubt that Egypt, at the time of the Exodus, was quite different from Egypt during the time of Joseph. 

Joseph story

Granted, I do not think that slavery is God’s preference. The Pharaoh’s after Joseph could have kept things occupation the trail that Joseph had started of giving freedom back to the people in the story of Joseph in the Bible.

The kings had an option to make, whether to offer more back to the citizens of the country or to require more. They chose to request more.

It did not have to be that way. We cannot connect the positions the Israelites endured following at the moment of the Departure to Joseph in the story of Joseph in the Bible.

The government of Joseph has been examined by any and appreciated by others. Most (including myself) feel that Joseph’s actions were divine appointments from God which he did all he could do to market fairness and equity during the time and under the circumstances. 

He remained an honoured assistant, accurate in his dealings, honest and straightforward. In the story of Joseph in the Bible, he saved nations from total disaster; he preserved the road of his family and therefore, the lineage of our Savior. 

Adam Clarke’s commentary said of Joseph last that his conduct because the prime minister of Pharaoh was powerfully indicative of a profound and consummate politician, who had high notions of prerogative in the story of Joseph.

Which led him to use every prudent means to aggrandize his master, and at an equivalent time to try to what he judged best on the entire for the people he governed. 

In my opinion, in the story of Joseph in the Bible, there is often no doubt that Joseph was a servant of the foremost High God and administered his duties faithfully.

Joseph lived 110 years. That might are 66 years after the famine ceased, building that whole generation. But their descendants, the Israelites, had several children and grandchildren in the story of Joseph in the Bible.

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