Shocking Facts About Queen James Bible

Queen James Bible

The Queen James Bible is an evil blasphemous sacrilege of the inerrant perfect. And caused the Word of God, King James Bible. The authors of the Queen James Bible are, on the surface anonymous. And they were striving to make it look like the Bible supports homosexuality. That is misleading. 

queen james bible

The accurate Bible the King James Bible never will support homosexuality. And the thought that King James was gay is a lie. Back to the other subject: The Bible explains that we should not continue or take aside from it. 

If you continue to the Word of God, God will continue to you the plagues in the Bible. If you take anything aside from the Word of God, you will get your name out of the Book of Life.

You will be schlepp out of the holy city (which is the New Jerusalem). And you will not be the legal entrance to the tree of life. It becomes worse: Those who are size up to about changing the Word of God. They are going to be burnt in the lake of fire for all forever.

And they screamed against Lot and said against him. Wherever are the men who appeared toward thee this night? Take them out against us. that we may recognize them (KJV). Genesis 19:5

And they cried out unto Lot and said beside him. Where are the men who grew into thee this night? Take them out in opposition to us, that we may rape and loss of face them (QJV).

The transition from knowing them to rape. And put to shame them is occupying on the belief that male-on-male rape is not a sexual exploit. But is an appearance of power and leg up. Real rape was what the men of Sodom had in mind. But nowhere in the Hebrew book is the Word humiliate done.

The restriction does not lie with mankind as with womankind. It is an offense (KJV). Leviticus 18 22. supposing that a man also rests with humankind. As he lieth with a woman, both of them have performed an offense. They will be set to death. Their blood must be against them (KJV). Leviticus 20:13

The Queen James Bible

“The Queen James Bible” was bring out in 2012 and is occupying on the version from the King James Bible. The administrators of the Queen James Bible adopted the name “Queen James Bible.” As a in favor of take-off on the King James Version.

As the official Variant of 1611 is generally make apparent. The front office of the Gay Bible also imploration that King James was bisexual. So their adjudicature of title benefits on the slang meaning of the term queen.

The Queen James Bible directors were unknown. And claimed claims that homosexuality was first mentioned in the Bible in 1946 Revised Standard Version. There is no mention of or reference to homosexuality in any Bible prior to this—-only interpretations have been made. Then they put forward “anti-LGBT Bible interpretations.”

the queen james bible

The mysterious “scholars”—their institutional credentials are unknown. Who played the Queen James Bible. Propose that all Bible readings of these eight verses are opposite. 

And that they are the only people who have got it make up for. The King James Version is set out first, get in line by the Queen James Version. And some remarks touching each get up on.

The big person of the Queen James Version consider. That Leviticus is out-of-style as a correct key. They assume the Hebrew word rendered offense is practice impure or illegal. 

From this, they declare that today’s examples. And would follow a biblical horror to be something shameful. Because they do not reflect homosexual relations law. And because not all offensive offenses were imminent by death.

The administrators of the QJV assume that there must have been an omission. During rendering at some period inside time. Whereas Leviticus 20:13 says. That men resting together is an offense condemned by darkness. 

The Queen James Bible directors declare that having sex with a man was imminent by death. It wouldn’t be subtitle an offense. Despite this, lying to a person does not mean staying prostrate and going to rest.

What Is The Queen James Bible

What is the Queen James Bible? The directors of the Queen James Version want us to accept. That Leviticus 18:12 is all in reverse heathen worship of the God Molech. They have under the way of life taken the privilege of continuing to the Word of God. This is how they have run with the ball these two entrances.

Thou shalt not lie with responsive as with womankind in the temple of Molech. It is an offense (QJV). If a man also rests with humankind in the temple of Molech. As he lieth with a woman, both of them have performed an offense. They must be occupying to death. Their blood must be against them (QJV).

Thus, according to the directors of the QJV. It is offensive for a man to have sex with a fellow if they’re in the temple of Molech. But it’s not improper for a man to have sex with a fellow if it has lowest point to do with Molech devotions. 

For this big idea, God gave them up unto wicked desires. For even their women did replace the natural use into that which is against setting up. Moreover, also the men leaving the raw performance of the woman. 

They burned in their lust one via another. Men with men working that which is vulgar. And snatching in themselves that revisitation of their error which was meet (KJV). Romans 1 26 27

The traditional version of this section indicates that lesbianism and homosexuality are false. The Greek words against strength mean unusual unnatural. And wicked that which is hostile to nature’s rules.”

But the Queen James Bible directors allegate. That verse 26 is not arguing about women put together in lesbian sex. Neither do they believe that lesbianism is “unnatural?” 

what is the queen james bible

While declaring that they have no meaning in what is a point to by women attacking. Their body’s manufactured control, they recommend it could mean heathen dancing. As for men, we keep in mind up for grabs practice as a sexual activity linked to idolism. 

The Queen James Bible reads. That their women did develop their fire and ice use against nature. And likewise also the men left of the natural use of the woman burned in ritual lust.

They were receiving in themselves that reward of their slip of tongue which sufficed (QJV). Note how they have again attached to the Word of God to follow it to their brainwork. And additionally, the men leaving the natural use of the woman burned in their lust one concerning another. Men with men working unseemly and receiving in themselves that recoupment of their misbelief signifies pagan and unseemly.

The directors of the Queen James Bible pretend that most teachers consider the sin in Romans 1. isn’t holding gay or lesbian or having gay sex. The evil, they say, is impious worship. There is no significance to back up their assertion. That maximum authorities agree with them.

The Queen James Bible, make sense of as the Gay Bible, is an edit of the biblical book. They are all over to against homophobic difference of opinion. The journalists published a Bible in which all removed references to homosexuality. That has been creating to perform this purpose. 


The directors of the Queen James Bible knew that. This recount of the story of Sodom demanded an explanation. So, the external cells the mob of Sodom was seeking were beautiful.

It seems like a source to King James approved what became the official English version of the Bible. This work has shaped the English language more than any text. Besides the issues of Shakespeare.

And to the point that James was gay. Some American Christian societies decided to boycott this understanding. Because of the King’s sexuality.

It was only opposed because it was nonhuman. Thus, the sexual force the men of Sodom required to make on Lot’s customers. That cannot be to be sure called a homosexual act.

Moreover, as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the towns about them in like method. They are presenting themselves over to adultery. And going after nonhuman cells is permanent forth. That let on the revenge of endless fire.

For all that, the men of Sodom didn’t know Lot’s companies were angels. For all they understood, the patrons were men. The hot lead is that Jude blames men for having sex with men. And not men hunger for after spirits.

And count up words that have no right to be on the other side—all to try to come by. God says what they want to be fraught talking. They are attempting to hammer an intersection marker into a liberal hole. And it will never be in action.

Jesus Christ put one wise against changing one jot or particle from God’s Word (Matthew 5:18). Yet the anonymous directors of the Queen James Bible. And have noticed fit to shut the door on anything they avoid like a rock.

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