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Key Of David

The Key of David attempts to cut a unique profile. And between the landscape of modern religious programming. Presenter Gerald Flurry talks about world issues. And aims in light of biblical predictions. 

key of david

The program’s setup is straightforward, bold, and wise. Viewer’s report is much like a weekly good news program. And I discover it thirst-quenching void of evident warm sentiment.

In 1993, God’s Future World radio program, sponsored by the Key of David with Gerald Flurry. And converted into a 30-minute television program-the Key of David. The Philadelphia Church of God holds the program. 

And composition holds a place in the Church’s television studios. On Herbert W Armstrong College faculties in Edmond, Oklahoma. 

The Key of David granted in a Hi-Definition condition. And has earned several awards in appreciation of broadcast superiority. its 17 years records.

They are like a rock authorized in many essential stores worldwide. The Key of David has entrance to a possible following of over 400 million. In extension to over-the-air and cable newscasts. 

Weekly events are ready online through different media channels such as podcasting, YouTube. They can download and flow from its website. 

In the earlier two years. The watcher’s acknowledgment of the program has more than quadrupled. And public reach and influence have seen meaningful improvements. The program has taken over 1 million spectator replies to date.

The Key of David 

The Key of David considered here and is ready. For those who take an interest in the actions of the Church of Philadelphia. Remark that this Church is one of the two Church’s that our Lord Jesus Christ is well charmed with. The other five Church’s He has something opposite.

Let us study Revelation chapter 3 verse 7, where the Key of David in the Bible mentioned. We also read from this verse that Jesus Christ controls over and manages the Key of David.

The Key of David opens the meaning and explains the symbiology related in the Bible. It opens the dictionary located within the Bible itself.

the key of david

The dictionary of the written Word located in the Devine strands that run within your Bible. These Devine strings follow the only consistent theory recognized kindness.’

The Devine interpretive strands that run into the Bible. And make up the fundamental fabric of the Key of David de-facto. Our Lord Jesus Christ will give ‘whom so ever will’ a copy of this Key.

The Key of David cannot buy, sold, or borrowed. The Key of David is only given to those who obey God’s guidance with a pure heart.

Key of David program signs constitute “God’s Holy Day Plan.” “Crown of the Holy Roman Empire.” “Who or What is the Predictive Beast.” “Proof of the Bible,” “The Incredible Human Potential,” “Why Keep the Ten Commandments?” “The Answer to America’s Financial Crisis,” “Marriage is a Secret,” and others.

The program’s progress can be convincing associated with its identity. And inform and message to Herbert W. Armstrong. And The World Tomorrow television program.

One of the usual extensive religious programs in the world through the 1970s and 80s. He determined the elimination of the Berlin Wall decades. And before 1989 (he died in 1986) between other matters.’

The Key of David passes periodic messages advising of the expanding power. And the impact of the European Union. Programs have centered on the collective plan of the Vatican. And Germany to destabilize the Balkans. Croatia’s sham freedom and the snubbing of the Dayton Peace Accord.

The real motives for the Kosovo disaster, under-the-table exercises in NATO-led by Germany. The meaning back communism’s failure and reemergence in Russia. South Africa’s political destabilization, the Asian business meltdown, Britain’s loss of world power. 

And America’s disintegration of superpower stations. Australia’s disassociation with the British power. Israel’s internal dispute over the peace rule. China’s theft of U.S. military mysteries and takeovers of important global seaports.

Key Of David Meaning

The Key of David meaning is typical of the Bible. In the agent practices the term “key” means power, government, and power. Eliakim, promoted to the point of trust and confidence, had “the key of the house of David” put in his ledge. (Isa 22:20-22) 

A vast key upon a man’s shoulder recognized him as a person of importance. Or interest in the Middle East in more fresh times. A king’s attorney committed with the power of the keys. 

And might have the, generally speaking, the direction of the royal offices. And sway also choose applicants for the king’s duty. In the divine message to the group in Philadelphia.

The happy Jesus Christ declared to have “the key of David.” And he is the one “who starts so that no one will close, and locks so that no one opens.” (Re 3:7, 8) 

key of david meaning

As the Successor of the contract produced with David for the Kingdom, Jesus Christ has performed the government of the household of religion. And the control of spiritual Israel. (Lu 1:32, 33) By his power, expressed by “the key of David,” 

The Key of David meaning. The Key of the house of David is the equal of the Key to the Kingdom that Jesus provided his followers. Jesus was the house of David.

Jesus prayed, “Who do they assume that I am” and Peter stated that he was the Messiah, the son of the living God.

Jesus then said that no one had shown him. But that the Father had delivered him that experience. He then gave him the keys to the Kingdom and explained to him scripture the places that said he had to hang.

The Kingdom of God is the same as a leaven, which is a type for instruction. The keys to learning are the private pictures of the cross in the scriptures.

Jesus exposed the hidden teaching of the Old Testament. And by showing his followers how to understand it. It predicted the cross as Jesus spoke.

The Key of David is not that complex, although it is intense. You do have to read it because it’s best out of the mind of God. It is the holiest message from God in this end time. 

It is the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. Suppose people notice God’s mission and Christ’s message today. They will be the bride of Christ and rest on a throne with Him as kings and priests (Revelation 1:6).


The Key of David is a title found in Revelation and Isaiah. A key means to control or power. Hence, holding the Key of David would give one direction of David’s domain Jerusalem. The City of David. And the Kingdom of Israel

The evidence that. In Revelation 3:7, Jesus endures this key explains that He is the realization of the Davidic Covenant. The president of the New Jerusalem and the Lord of the Kingdom of heaven.

The Key of David is Christ, who was a decedent of David. “There is no different name supplied under heaven how we must become protected” (Acts 4:12). 

Other than the name of Jesus Christ. David, the wicked man, cannot save anyone. But God granted his only son into the line of David. King David taken by the acts of Christ likewise.

The Key of David is most referenced in Revelation 3:7. “To the angel of the Church in Philadelphia write: These are the names of him who is holy and straight. Who continues the Key of David.” The Old Testament evidence is key of David Isaiah 22.

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