Impressive and Stunning story of Elijah in the Bible

About Elijah in the Bible

Elijah, a biblical prophet is one among the foremost exciting characters within the Elijah in the Bible. His life was colourful. God used him during a significant time in Israel’s history to oppose a wicked king and to bring revival to those people. Like many other characters within the Bible, Elijah’s life wasn’t without its challenges. His life was crammed with turmoil. 

There have been times when he was decisive and adventurous, but there have also been times when he was fearful and unsure. He also demonstrated victory and defeat, trailed by recovery. He recognized the facility of God, but he even knew the pits of depression. His life was dedicated to the work of restoring true worship In Israel. 

Who Was Elijah In The Bible

Eventually, Elijah urged the people of ancient Israel to show from sin and to return to the true God, and his message is as essential for us today. Elijah’s admonition that God’s people faithfully serve Him with their whole heart is simply as relevant now because it was during his time on earth.

Similar to many of the prophets of the Bible, Elijah didn’t seek to be one among God’s messengers. Instead, God chose him directly for the position. 

When he was called, Elijah in the Bible didn’t hesitate to require on his mission, albeit it appeared the wicked king would threaten his life. Elijah began directly for the capital city of Samaria to deliver the announcement to King Ahab. 

Then God sent Elijah into hiding because the drought dried up the streams and withered the crops of the state (1 Kings 17:7-15; I Kings 18:1). Elijah was chosen to confront the followers of Baal just because he had a relationship with God. 

Additionally, to facing the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel, he also performed many miracles: providing an endless supply of flour for a widow and raising a young boy from the dead.

Many people think that the prophets were morally or spiritually superior to us, and it’s easy to consider Elijah in the Bible during this way. But the reality is, he wasn’t. Like us, Elijah needed correction, encouragement and therefore the knowledge that other believers were standing against Baal too. 

Elijah wasn’t exceptionally spiritual or superior. He was completely human. Yet, what made Elijah extraordinarily was his complete commitment to the desire of God. 

Elijah in the Bible gave all his energy and heart so that the planet would know the one true God. God uses the standard to try to to the extraordinary.

Then Elijah called upon the people to collect around him. Within the name of God, he built an altar of twelve stones, symbolizing the amount of the Hebrew tribes, and ordered a great trench dug all about it. 

Then he laid the opposite bullock on the altar and had water poured over it, till the ditch was filled to the brim. Having completed these preparations, he stepped before the platform and prayed to God.” Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel! Allow it’s understood today that Thou creation God in Israel, which I’m Thy assistant, which I even have done of these things at Thy word. Listen to me, O Lord, hear me, that this person may know that Thou art the Lord God, and thus turn their hearts back again.”

Hardly had he finished praying when a flame of fireside decreased from God and consumed the offering, and therefore the wood, and consequently the stones, and thus the earth, and licked up even the water that was within the trench. 

Seeing this, the amazed and overawed people prostrated themselves and exclaimed: “The Lord he’s God! The Lord, he’s God!” 

After bidding the king eat and drink for the drought would presently end, Elijah in the Bible visited a solitary place on the mountain to wish for rain. Then he asked his servant to seem within the direction of the ocean for the first sign of a cloud. 

The servant did so but reported that he had not noticed anything. Seven times Elijah in the Bible repeated the order, till his servant returned with the news that a cloud no bigger than a man’s hand had appeared.

King Ahab And Elijah In The Bible

Immediately Elijah sent word to Ahab to possess his horses harnessed and to return to his palace before the rains began to fall. Soon the entire sky became overcast. 

Strong winds drove large clouds and sent the rain in torrents. The heavy rains drenched the parched earth of Israel, which had been craving water for nearly three years.

Ahab fled before the storm and rode into Jezreel, but the spirit of God seized Elijah and carried him on before Ahab to the doorway of the town.

Elijah in the Bible took refuge during a cave on Mount Horeb. subsequent day the word of God came to him, asking, “What doest thou here, Elijah?”  

elijah in the bible

He mourned the loss of all true prophets of God, expressing his apprehension on who would keep it up to his work, now that he was the sole remaining prophet of God, and therefore the enemies of God sought to require away his life.

In reply, God told him to step outside and stand on the mountainside. Elijah in the Bible did so, and God manifested Himself to him. Initially, an excellent and mighty wind rocked the mountain. But God wasn’t within the wind. 

Then came an earthquake; but God wasn’t within the shock. After the earthquake occurred fire; but God wasn’t within the light. Then Elijah heard a still, whisper, and he covered his face together with his mantle and stood at the doorway of the cave.

Once repeatedly reached God’s question, “Everything doest thou hereabouts, Elijah?” Then God instructed him on his work. Elijah was to travel to Damascus and anoint Hazael, who was to be king over Syria. 

Who Was Elijah In The Bible

Next, he was to anoint Jehu, the son of Nimshi, who was to be king over Israel. Finally, he was to anoint Elisha, the son of Shaphat, of Abel-Meholah, who was to be a prophet in Elijah’s place.

On the day God had selected to require His servant Elijah in the Bible from this earth, the prophet left Gilgal within the company of his disciple Elisha. 

They reached the shores of the Jordan followed by fifty young prophets who had to accompany them out of Jericho and stood watching them in a long way. 

Who Was Elijah In The Bible

Elijah in the Bible took his mantle and, rolling it up sort of staff, and he smote the waters, which separated. The prophets skilled the river on land. Walking with Elisha between the parted floods, Elijah asked his disciple if he could do something for him before God took him away.

Elisha replied that he would like to invite a double measure of the Divine spirit of his master. Elijah in the Bible assured him that although his wish was no small thing, it might come true if Elisha merited seeing his master go up to heaven. 

As they thus went on and talked, they were separated by the sudden appearance of a fiery chariot, drawn by spirited horses; and 

Elijah in the Bible went up during a whirlwind to heaven. Elisha recognized his leader disappear, and in intense grief, he lends his garments.

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