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About Church of Scientology Near Me

Scientology is a religion in its most full meaning Church of Scientology near me, as it serves to produce Man to total freedom and truth. The essential tenets of Scientology religion are these: You are an eternal religious being. 

Your experience extends well beyond a single lifetime. And your capabilities are universal, even if not immediately recognized.   

Furthermore, Man is good. He is seeking to survive. And his endurance depends on himself and his friends and his achievement of brotherhood with the world. 

Church of Scientology Near Me is found worldwide and in practically all major cities, including LA, Pasadena, San Fran, Emerald, NYC, Washington, DC, London, Berlin, Brussels, Madrid.

By L. Ron Hubbard. Indisputably, some generally read, and essential books are always written about the human mind. Dianetics ultimately represents the Reactive Mind, the beforehand hidden beginning of visions, unreasonable fears, upsets and insecurities, and how to acquire rid of them.   

Ryan—Firefighter. Who are Scientologists? Meet Ryan, a firefighter from the United States. It’s right in my life and my problems.”. Tim—Lawyer.  

Who are Scientologists? Meet Tim, a lawyer from the United States. But the behind edge is that I know who I am.  

Patrick—Business Consultant. Who are Scientologists? Reach Patrick, a sales expert from Belgium, living in the USA. What the Scientology network has given me is that I recognize that I am a spiritual being daily. 

And I feel much better as a businessman, as a father, as a husband, as a friend.”.  

Paul—Architect. Who are Scientologists? Meet Paul, an architect from the United States. 

Many people have an interest in philosophy and life and death. Others need to improve a particular area in their lives and pass on to their friends any benefits.

church of scientology near me

There is more to an individual making a single improvement, however. Although Scientology addresses the individual, the overall aim is for a world without war, insanity, and criminality. While this may seem like a far-fetched vision, the point is that without having an ideal scene of aspiring to, man isn’t going anywhere.

To explain why it is called a Church, there are two kinds of religion. The word faith, by the way, means “devoted to.” There is a religion that is devoted to a supreme being, such as Christianity or Islam. 

The other kind involves spirituality, where its practitioners are trying to find out more about life and nature and how it affects their fellow man. Scientology is not the only such religion; Buddhism and Hinduism are also spiritual.

While not all spiritual religions are organized in the same way as Scientology is, the Church of Scientology near me is designed that way for a reason. 

It has very several specific spiritual states, and it requires people wearing various hats to work together. Its goal of war without war, insanity, and criminality depends upon its practitioners reaching those states of awareness.

These states are reached through a process known as auditing, which means “to listen.” As you answer specific questions without an evaluation from the other person, known as the auditor, you learn more about yourself and life. 

But the learning doesn’t come from the study; and it comes from realizations. There is such a thing known as co-auditing, where two people team up and audit each other, and it is a very economical way of auditing.

There is also the side of Scientology that offers a study route where you essentially learn about life. For example, if you were to learn about architecture, you would likely take a degree, but minimally, you would study textbooks on the subject. 

But what about life itself? Scientology teaches about life through its life improvement and start an online course or its book and lecture courses, which delve further into the individual regarding his spiritual existence and how it relates to his fellow man. 

Only by understanding himself can he learn to live with others and be on his way to a world without war, insanity, and criminality.

The Church of Scientology near me offers spiritual counseling and life improvement courses ranging from ethics, marriage, and finance to more advanced techniques for those interested in learning more about themselves and their spiritual nature relating to themselves and the universe.

Celebrities in Church Of Scientology Near Me

Hollywood celebs have attributed the Church of Scientology to correcting their dyslexia reading problems. How did the Church do it? I am not nor have I ever been a member of the Church of Scientology. 

Church of Scientology

I have read excerpts from L. Ron Hubbard’s works and separate Church of Scientology Near Me courses, but that does not deliver me a professional on the Church. 

In today’s society, the Church of Scientology Near Me looks to be glared against by most theologians and academics. 

So why are Cruise, Travolta, and others settled about the Church’s fortunes with dyslexia and their “healing” patients? Church of Scientology Near Me is very secretive.

Prospective journalists need to approach what, when, where, and how this was performed with the Hollywood stars and other church members. Approximately ten years ago, I did some digging, and here’s what I learned:

It was not a religious conversion that took point within Cruise, Travolta, and others. They went by an intense theoretical study program named the Super Literacy online course Scientology volunteer for Church of Scientology Near Me. 

What Is The Church Of Scientology Near Me

Once upon a time, many years ago, the Church of Scientology near me managed to be the spot to study the Scientology viewpoint.

Thousands of people did so and converted Scientologists owning the real philosophy’s profits just as Ron Hubbard Dianetics Scientology contracted it.

Though, considering the passing of Hubbard in the early 80s, this is no extended to the state. Times dimes and the Church developed. The new administration has appeared in several Scientology being supported.

Changes to Hubbard’s unique philosophy have been reports and can easily be seen by analyzing the issued initial materials and the same materials’ latest issues.

What Is The Church Of Scientology

To get the unique philosophy, you immediately have to go to autonomous Scientology groups such as the International Freezone Association (IFA), for example.

The IFA is a sort of protestant Scientology group which favors sticking with the philosophy as initially developed by Hubbard rather than the later ‘updated’ story currently followed by the Church.

Often viewed as a wood group by the Church of Scientology Near Me, the IFA and its segments follow the original education of Hubbard based on the original philosophy which Hubbard researched and explained, which was so prosperous in the years up to the beginning 80s to give people the best possible way of changing their careers.

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