A step-by-step guide can we go to Heaven with Tattoos

Can we go to Heaven with Tattoos?

You will not continue practicing your new body into Heaven. If you meant; can we go to Heaven with tattoos, then the solution is different whether you tattoo your body or not has nothing to try to to with you stepping into Heaven.

Knowing Jesus as your Lord and Savior are the sole things that get you into Heaven. It isn’t great you do; it’s believing in Jesus, what he did for you and following him…nothing else. Can we go to Heaven with tattoos, You’ll be getting a replacement body, one an equivalent as Jesus had after his resurrection, an ideal shape?

The most important thing to try to do is to realize is that we are lost, which Jesus is our only answer…according to the Word of God. While some don’t believe that and quickly discounts it, because they can…God gave them the discretion to try to do so; that doesn’t change what God said.

Can we go to Heaven with Tattoos

A person has nothing to lose and everyone to realize, by trusting in Jesus. The neat thing is; it isn’t blind faith, it’s real, and anyone can know that by following his teachings…and you can’t prove it to anyone else. It isn’t transferable, can we go to Heaven with tattoos. It’s between you and God…we all need to go a similar way.

If we’ve Christian values, can we go to Heaven with Tattoos, we all know that our destiny is in God’s hands? He reserves the proper to mark our body and our position before He should be the overriding factor which is why tattoos were forbidden in Israel under the law.

However, people get tattoos in ignorance can we go to Heaven with Tattoos, and a few cases awaken at some point and need they didn’t catch on done. In my opinion, forgiveness covers this, and that I think they’re going to disappear as we enter the dominion of God where we are said to possess a unique body, not having an equivalent flesh and blood.

 Getting to Heaven isn’t what the Bible teaches in the least. We will all read it for ourselves. Can we go to Heaven with Tattoos? So I’m astounded that such a belief still circulates. The rumor that we “shall not surely die” was started by a serpent during a garden several thousand years ago.

All bodies will die and switch to dust or just in case of being eaten by animals or burnt, but the flesh is going to be gone. What remains if God says don’t mark on your body, then it is a sin because you disobeyed God not due to what’s on your skin. 

Plus can we go to Heaven with Tattoos, the supernatural being that’s you that lives forever God will offer you a replacement body that lasts forever in Hell or Heaven? It won’t ever die again.

Our Father-God knows our every thought & action, and He knows what’s on our heart. So once we don’t need to sin anymore; once we want freedom from our sins that Run Us & Ruins Us, and once we plan to trust our Father-God’s Word & desire to follow it carefully, then, He will hear us. But what about our sins?

Can we go to Heaven with Tattoos

Our Father God had already addressed our serious issue of sin, through our Lord and Saviour Christ-Jesus, who had paid the worth of every one of our sins for us, when He died on the cross in our place and was physically raised from the dead on the third day, perfected & glorified.

Either we’ll trust that our Lord & Saviour paid the worth for us, OR our sins will take us into Hell where we’ll pay the horrific price of every one of our sins!

Can we go to the Heaven with tattoos?

Regardless of what an individual has wiped out their life that has broken God’s laws (including getting tattoos irrespective of how many), anyone who has accepted the Christ because their personal Savior for the forgiveness of their sins has been reconciled to God and thus goes to Heaven as long as the repentance (the changing of their mind about their sin, choosing to offer it up) is administered throughout the person’s life after accepting Him. Christ’s sacrifice is predicated on God’s law, Leviticus 17:11

The ancient Japanese samurai, for instance, would tattoo their bodies with flowers, ornaments, and their spouse. So can we go to Heaven with Tattoos? The assumption was to die on the battlefield, though honorable, they might never have a correct burial alongside their beloved or adorned with decorations. Thus, their body was to be decorated for both remembrance and delightful death.

Tattooing, by the way, dates back before 3000BC. It’s found throughout the planet from China, Mongolia, and Japan; to Egypt and Sudan; to Peru and Chile; Iceland, the UK, and therefore the Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland) too; etc.

Although can we go to Heaven with Tattoos, Christians already don’t tattoo for the first part, because the body was bought with the blood of Jesus, and it’s sacred and belongs to Jesus. 

If you’re not Christian, can we go to Heaven with Tattoos, and you come to Jesus, he would take you and cleanse your soul of sin together with his blood. And yes, once belonging to Jesus and obeying him until death you’re entitled to Heaven.

Can we go to Heaven with Tattoos

makes it clear that He will destroy all those that defile their human body (by wearing tattoos, earrings, the mark of the beast, lipstick, wedding/finger rings, earrings, artificial hair, permed hair, dyed hair, bleached skin, brown skin, eyeshadow, fake nails, fake eyelashes, etc. 1 Corinthians 3:16-17

Tattoos also will defile your spiritual body (1 Corinthians 15:44,46) and heavenly garment (Ephesians 5:27). And people with stained garments cannot enter Heaven.

Christians who say wearing tattoos isn’t sin because “God looks only “at heart don’t realize the spiritual body and heavenly garments. They’re going to be shocked to seek out thereon Day (Hebrews 9:27, Revelation 20:12) that the most reason their name isn’t within the Book of Life is that that they had a tattoo on their body.

There’s no forgiveness for taking the target of the animal or wearing tattoos. Why? Because they both contaminate the church of God. (1 Corinthians 3:16-17) and your heavenly garment (if you’re a born-again Christian) are going to be stained. Ephesians 5:27 says those with stained or torn or blemished garments cannot enter Heaven.

If you recognize anyone who features a tattoo on their body, so can we go to Heaven with tattoos, please tell them they need to remove the tattoo if they need to enter Heaven. Even as you want to remove the mark of the beast, you want to remove the tattoo.

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